A muscular sack which receives food from the esophagus. The stomach makes digestive juices (acids and enzymes) which when mixed with our food helps to break our food down into a thick liquid or paste.
Digestion or the breaking down of food so that our bodies can use it as fuel energy begins in the mouth. The teeth crush and grind the food, saliva softens it and tongue helps push the food into our throats when we swallow.
Large Intestine
The undigested food that the body is not going to use leaves the small intestine as a liquid paste and enters the Large Intestine. The Large Intestine turns the undigested liquid paste into solid waste.
Small Intestine
A 20-25 foot long tube which our food travels through after it leaves the stomach. The villi in the small intestine absorb the nutrients from our food and send the nutrient energy into our blood.
A muscular tube which your food travels through after you swallow. The esophagus helps squeeze the food down into your stomach.