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In Hillendale Health class we learn about our amazing bodies. Our bodies constantly interact with the environment surrounding us. Our sense organs (nose, eyes, ears, tongue, and skin) take in information and send it to the brain for processing. Can you smell the flowers blooming in the Spring or those cookies baking in the oven? Do you hear the birds singing in the morning or the crickets chirping on a warm summer's night? Taste those cookies, pizza, or ice cream! Look at that picture, lightning bolt, or yourself in the mirror! Feel this, isn't it soft, hard, rough, hot, cold? All of these experiences are made possible due to our amazing senses! If we didn't have them, we would not be able to smell, see, hear, taste, or touch anything! Talk about a boring life.

What would life be like without your senses?

Which sense would be the most difficult to live without?

The Quest

Use the Hyperlinks provided to find the answers to the questions presented. Try the on-line Senses Quiz. Don't worry if your score isn't too great, you haven't learned about your amazing senses yet! If you get a perfect score on the quiz make sure you tell Mr. Claypoole the secret code word. Click on one of the numbered senses on the left to begin your exploration.


At the end of your Webquest you will have gathered information concerning your five senses. Hopefully you will have a greater understanding of just how amazing your body is and the importance of taking care of your body.

For more information visit the following links on our resource page.

Download PDF Worksheets to accompany your WebQuest.
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