Human Growth and Development Unit

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Program Goals

  • To promote the development of positive attitudes about the changes of adolescence.
  • To explain the biological facts of pubertal development and human reproduction so that accurate information will replace misconceptions.
  • To encourage students to deal honestly and openly with their concerns and questions through an understanding that these feelings are natural and shared by many of their peers.

Major Topics

  • Puberty
    Explores the major events of male and female pubertal development and personal care.
  • Menstruation
    How and why menstruation occurs.
    How young girls can manage their periods with menstrual protection products (girls only).
  • Reproduction
    Links pubertal development with an understanding of human reproduction.
    Male Reproductive System
    Female Reproductive System
    Pregnancy (Fetal Development)
    Process of Birth

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Course Structure

  • The Human Growth and Development Unit is integrated into the fifth grade Health Curriculum.
  • Students meet once a cycle for Health class.
  • The Human Growth and Development Unit takes ten lessons of instructional time.
  • A test concludes the unit.

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Parent and Student Information

  • Permission Slip
    Indicate choice for both units. Human Growth and Development and Communicable Disease Unit.
    Please return by the end of January.
    Download Permission Slip
  • Opt out
    Students opting out of the program will be given an alternate Health assignment not related to either the Human Growth and Development or Communicable Disease Units.
  • Worksheets
    A copy of each worksheet is available as a .PDF document and can be
    Answer key to worksheets can be downloaded.

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