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This site is designed to support and expand the Hillendale Health Curriculum.

Learning about how your body grows and develops and how to take care of your body is an important part of Hillendale Health class. Our growth and development unit focuses on the changes that occur during adolescence and puberty. We also discuss the development of the baby inside of the mother and the process of birth.

Being Born

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Table of Contents - Baby Growth and Birth

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  • How does a baby start to grow and develop?
  • How does the sperm cell and egg cell get together?
  • How big is a baby when it starts it's life and how does it grow?
  • How does the fertilized egg cell get to the uterus?
  • How does a baby get it's food when it is inside of the mother?
  • Is it true that babies actually live underwater while they develop inside of their mother ?
  • How long does it take for a baby to grow and develop inside of mom?
  • How is a baby born?


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