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After studying the Male Reproductive System you should be able to handle the matching quiz below. There are nine definitions that need to be matched with the correct vocabulary word. After you're finished click the Click to Check Answers button and your quiz will be scored for you. Okay, let's see how much you know.

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Hillendale Health - Male Reproductive System Matching Quiz

Matching Activity - Match the definitions on the left with the vocabulary words from the pull down menu on the right.

Main male hormone made by the testicles

Sac of loose skin that holds the testicles

Physical changes from childhood to adulthood

Male cell necessary to fertilize female egg cell

When the penis becomes hard and stiff

When semen spurts out of the penis

Milky white fluid that comes out during an ejaculation

Male reproductive glands that make sperm cells and testosterone

Male reproductive organ made of spongy erectile tissue

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