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This site is designed to support and expand the Hillendale Health Curriculum.

Learning about how your body grows and develops and how to take care of your body is an important part of Hillendale Health class. Our growth and development unit focuses on the changes that occur during adolescence and puberty. We also discuss the development of the baby inside of the mother and the process of birth.

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To help you find the information you're looking follow these tips:

  • If you're looking for an answer to a specific question concerning the male reproductive system you may want to go to the Table of Contents and surf from there.
  • Vocabulary words can be found in the Glossary or whenever you see an underlined word. Click on the underlined word to find more detailed information.
  • If you're looking for general information about the male reproductive system, visit the the male reproductive system portion of the Hillendale Health Site and just read along and follow the arrow links at the bottom of each page to visit the next or previous page.
  • Looking for information about the female reproductive system or puberty? Visit the Puberty or Female Reproductive System portion of the Hillendale Site.
  • Remember, you can use the BACK button in your browser to go back to the page you just left.
  • Want to know the main topics covered in the Hillendale Growth and Development Unit? Visit our course structure and schedule page.
  • Try some Review Activities after you've learned about growth and development.
  • If you still can't find the information you're looking for you can always email me at... email questions, comments or suggestions to

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