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     When you're ready to take the quiz all you have to do is click on the GO! link. Each time you click on the GO! link you will proceed forward through the quiz. The answer to each question immediately follows the question. If you want to go back for some reason simply click on the Back link. Keep your own score. There are eight questions. Check the rating scale below. GOOD LUCK! If you want to start over you can Reload (Netscape) or Refresh (Explorer) this page.

Rating Scale for Circulatory Quiz
Go 8 for 8 and you're doing great!
Get 7 out of 8 and you really know your stuff.
Six out of eight and you're doing pretty good.
Five correct answers and you're just hanging in there.
Any less than five and you'd better get back to Hillendale Health Class and study the
Circulatory System again.


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