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The Hillendale Health Education program for third through fifth grade students is a special area subject which meets once a cycle throughout the entire school year. There are a wide variety of topics covered in health class all of which are related to the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards.

Third graders begin a Body Adventure which will carry them through fifth grade here at Hillendale. A major unit in third grade is the exploration of the Skeletal System. Many hands on activities and visits to the computer lab are used to reinforce important concepts. Cells, skin, hair, nails, dental health, immune system, digestion and drug education in regards to alcohol abuse and tobacco usage are also introduced.

Nutrition education is the first unit of study in fourth grade. Next we investigate how the muscular system and nervous system function and how to keep those systems working at their best. Substance Abuse Education completes the standards addressed in fourth grade.

The fifth grade health curriculum focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the Digestive system, Circulatory system, Respiratory system, Reproductive systems and Immune system.

Third through fifth grade classes will have the opportunity to visit the computer lab for self-paced lessons designed to reinforce important concepts.

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